Best wat to know if your phone is an MTK device

First identify what MTK stands for and what it truly mean for the benefit of those who it might sound alien to.

What is MTK ?

In relation to this topic, MTK stands for MediaTek, and MediaTek is a well-known chip manufacturing company based in Taiwan that mostly outsources their products, hence they are regarded as Fabless companies. 
They specialize in manufacturing the Central Processing Unit (CPU chips) for wireless telecommunications, HDTVs, DVD etc. Their largest demands come from the Chinese mobile tech market. 

  There is other notable semiconductor companies aside from MTK that also serve the Chinese market and other mobile tech markets across the globe. For example we also have other notable one like SPD (Spreadtrum).

 How can you detect MTK devices when you are on hand with them. Since these chips are hardware components and with models embedded inside the devices, it will be difficult to tell if they are MTK devices, SPD and others by looking at or handling the device without uncoupling.

It is a common idea that most ranges of Chinese phones like Tecno, Gionee, Infinix etc. are MTK devices. But as we mentioned above, you can’t categorically tell by mere seeing or handling them.

In-fact what I want to tell you now will even go a long way helping you in differentiating original Android devices from fake ones. In other words, cloned phones from other manufacturers mimicking original manufacturers like Samsung, hTC, LG and the rest can easily be detected with this method.
Now for you to really determine whether your android devices are MTK devices or not, follow the simple steps below;

= =>With your android device on hand, just head to Google Play Store.

= =>Search for and download this simple and free app CPU-Z

= =>After installation, launch the app and you will see all your phones and hardware components models. You can see image below.

= =>While on the open app, you will see about 5 menu buttons at the top; SOC (System on Chips), System, Battery, Sensors and About menus.

On the SOC menu, you will see the chip and model of your device boldly written at the top portion of your screen. On the other way round you can also navigate to the system menu to see the hardware component. The models for MTK devices always start with Mt prefix, while that of Spreadtrum often start with SPD or SC.   
You can use this app to detect other models and chipsets of any android device. Now for those cloned Samsung devices, when you use this app and find out that the chipsets are MTK, it should tell you that it is not from signed Samsung original products, as Samsung have their self-manufactured chipset as in the Exynos and aside from theirs, they also prefer using American chipsets like Qualcomm Snapdragon, Nvidia etc to MTK chipset.

You will notice that I was able to use single stone in this piece to kill two birds for you, and so if you are happy with this, please you can use the comment box to express yourself and also share to your friends so they can also gain from this knowledge. More are still coming.

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Now: How do you unlock your modem?

to unlock your any kind modem, the unlocker  software will need the IMEI number of your modem. you can easily find this on the paper pack of your modem. or zain is writing inside the stick screen. if you don't know the imei number, the unlocking box or any unlocking software can auto-detect it for you if the modem is connected to the unlocking box. some were written on pack cover case. check your receipt.

Once you supply your imei number to the unlocking box or you connect your modem to it, it will generate your unlocking code for you. it 8digit figures

Since you have the unlocking code, write it or save it somewhere. or copy it and paste it in the next step.
Then, insert another sim card (apart from the original network that works with it) into your modem. a pop up window will ask for an unlock code. you will be prompted to fill in the unlock code you generated.

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